Just wanted it known:

that none of these photos are mine in origin. Even those I’ve edited (the ones i’ve ironically tagged ‘mine’ because I am too lazy to write ‘something not mine that i’ve run through photoshop for a couple hours’.). Or screenshots I have personally taken (which definitely aren’t mine, and therefore not tagged.)

They are not mine.
I am not an actor, actress, or photographer, of, or in ,any of these photos.
I did not film any of these shows or movies.

If you want to take any of them,
and post them, that it your prerogative. 

I would only have a problem if like you went to my personal blog and took a picture of my baby brother or sister or cousin and claimed it to be yours. Because those are kids, man. But!  I wouldn’t care if you took a picture of me-I am nothing impressive and I don’t see what that would profit you. 

I don’t re-post for any other reason than to keep this blog simple and clean. 

I give no credit to myself. But to every single person who is passionate about their respective fandoms and have taken images from said fandom and formatted it to their liking. I respect the work behind it extremely. 

Notes mean nothing to me and I take for granted that they mean a lot to others. And I am sincerely apologetic about that.

This blog was originally, and still is just a place I store pictures of my OTPS so I can direct people to them. Nothing more. I’m not asking for followers or notes.  

Thanks. :)